About Us

Khushi Life Learning ; is an initiative in the field of Corporate Trainings, Consulting, Life Coaching, Counseling and Keynote Speaking. It is founded by Uday Singh who has been working in this field more than eight years.
Khushi is a consortium of dedicated Consultants, Trainers, Teachers and Transformers. These experts bring desired transformation in people and organization by effective customized consulting, training, coaching and counseling. Khushi is bringing transformation at all levels by inculcating PCC’s: Passion, Connection and Celebration.

Vision -To help people to achieve excellence in their personal and professional life.
Mission -Our mission is to train and teach people how to live their personal and professional life with passion and excellence.

Uday Singh - Life Management Coach Jaipur

About Uday Singh:

Mr. Uday Singh is a dynamic coach , Motivational speaker and trainer he is passionate to share his coaching skills that brings real transformation in people’s personal and professional Life.

He is working in the field of training since 2007. He conducts seminars & workshops on Leadership, Self Esteem, Public Speaking, Life Goals, Managerial skills, Organizational development, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Business Skills & Life Management. He is a certified International Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Certified Matrix Re imprinting practitioner and Breakthrough coach with timeline technology. He has personally touched the lives of over 5000 people with live interventions, trainings and one to one session. In his Eight years of training professional, he has worked with many organizations and trained trainers ,Senior Managers, managers, Asst. managers ,Executives Etc. His seminars are energetic and impactful creating lasting positive transformations in life, health, relationships, work, money and spirituality. He has a very unique style that gets maximum results from within and prepares a blue print for excellence, happiness, and success.
Mr.Uday Singh is also working with Children and youths to prepare them as confident person and coach for their growth and betterment. His personal mission is to inspire and coach people so they live their life with passion and achieve excellence.
He helps peoples to overcome from their phobias ,stress and to change their belief & thought pattern , his keen insights and expertise in human psychology is to support people to reach their peak and his unique questioning style create breakthrough for Individuals.


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