• Thank you Uday Sir for his support and dedication he has given to me for getting my confidence back, he developed positivity and beliefs in me to make my life decisions more confidently…
    Ashish Jain

  • I was Studying engineering before DMIT but always felt it was not my muse and decided to for DMIT after this and guidance of Mr. Uday Singh has helped me get a clearer perspective of things and rely on my decisions more……
    Veyom (BBA Student) JAIPUR

  • I Decided to have DMIT For both of my kids and it give me clear guidance about my kids inherent talent and how to develop them , also Great parenting Guidance Of Uday Sir, Helped me lot …
    Mahaveer Sharma, JAIPUR

  • Uday Singh is a committed and dedicated coach. He always wants the best for his clients providing breakthrough sessions that inspire deep reflections, inner clearings and positive action.
    Dr. Rangana - International Trainer & Speaker

  • He is an amazing Practicener, he has a really soft and tender approach, and you feel that he really understands you . There is no kind of judgment or criticism ,so it is really easy to open up to him and trust him fully. He makes it a point to be always there for his clients .I would personally recommended a session with him.
    Hashwata Harlalka Mumbai

  • The way of communication of Mr.Uday Singh is very inspirational ,heart touching and polite.He replaced negative thoughts into positive ones. He motivates to have positive attitude and encourages every person to be ready for grater challenges .
    Chinmay Jain

  • Mr. Uday Has been quite instrumental in making me realize the hidden potential and how to channelize the energy to make a beeter future .He is a true motivator and a great mentor .
    Mukal (C.A. Faculty )

  • It was a very nice experience for me and my parents .We are now so sure what we have to purposely do for me and how to tackle my career , Uday Sir really helped me out to come out the depressing mode of my flopped career and re energize my life .


The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) critically assesses the inherent acumen and aptitude of the individual, and seeks to map the different creative and cognitive processes within the brain. While most other... ReadMore