Counseling And Coaching

Life Coaching:

Are you finding imbalance in your work and professional life? Are you unsure in which direction to go? You may also find your relationship not working either…Don’t worry! You are in the right place. Khushi – The Academy of Learning and Excellence will change your world forever.

Here's How My Life Coaching Sessions Can Help You...

  • Overcome feeling of helplessness and emotional turmoil...
  • Eliminate unwanted physical and emotional stress...
  • Emotional turbulence in the night
  • Emotional eating, Binge Drinking (and in some cases - substance abuse)
  • Unwanted weight gain (or in some cases - unexpected weight loss)
  • Loss of interest in socializing, spending time excessively on the internet and social media
  • Lack of focus at work
  • Prevent self-destructive tendencies and overcome depression...
  • Find out exactly what you want in your life and work towards creating a more meaningful future
  • Achieve excellence in career
  • Ensure that you’re successful in forging compassionate relationships with others as well as with yourself
Relationships coaching :

Coaching focused on relationships tends to fall into two categories

  • helping those who want to improve relationships with current partners such as spouses and long term partners
  • helping those who are single and are seeking to form a successful relationship

Closely related is sex coaching which aims specifically at improving sexual relations with your partner.

Relationship coaching may be beneficial if you…

  • Are experiencing difficulties in your marriage or long term relationship
  • Want to revitalize the relationship with your current partner
  • Want to have a more enjoyable and fulfilling sex life
  • Have experienced infidelity either by yourself or your partner
  • Have difficulties forming close relationships with others
  • Are fed up of being single
  • Want to gain insight into your relationships with others
  • Want to gain clarity about your own sexual orientation
Executive Coaching: Is helpful if you
  • are a business owner or director needing an independent and impartial sounding board to help you make important decisions
  • are a manager wanting to take your level of achievement to new level
  • are having difficulties in managing your team or employees
  • are faced with personal difficulties which are preventing you from working effectively
  • are a ‘high flyer’ and want to develop your full potential
  • need to address your own roles and performance and in an organization undergoing organizational change

Employee Coaching : Can be beneficial for

  • Effectively effectively managing employees on a day to day basis
  • Addressing under-performance and absenteeism
  • Gaining the commitment of employees to organizational change when employees need to adopt new ways of thinking and working
  • Developing high-flyers within an organization
Pre-Marriage Counseling:

We all need advice before making this important decision in our life.. We understand the importance of the “right advice” which can go on to play a crucial role in making your marriage work! We at Khushi, provide you counseling, which can help you gain better understanding about your partner and your behavior. You would then be able to prioritize your married life better and achieve a deeper understanding of each other and iron out differences before marriage.

Career Counseling:

Our unique assessment program (DMIT) understands the need of students at every stage. We help them understand, evaluate and realize which career is best suited for them based on their aptitude, multiple intelligence, interests, priorities, study habits, learning style, adjustment levels, ambition & thought process.

While choosing the right career for students, our proprietary career recommendation engine also considers external influencers like opportunities, eligibility, personal situations, budgets and demographics. Coupled with these valuable insights our experts are ready to guide your children to a future which is the best fit for them.

Spiritual Counseling:

Connect to the peace and power within. Tap into your inner power and reach towards fulfilment.

We help people along their path to spiritual growth which includes objectives like finding the life purpose, overcoming obstacles, putting pain & grief into perspective, seeing overall life in its broader aspect rather than being conditioned by the limited beliefs.

Spiritual counselling also includes these practices to harmonize mind, body and soul depending upon the individual requirement:

(a) Yoga
(b) Advanced yoga
(c)Various type of meditation


The Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) critically assesses the inherent acumen and aptitude of the individual, and seeks to map the different creative and cognitive processes within the brain. While most other... ReadMore