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Success Mastery

Success Mastery Program offers practical and rapid methods for personal growth and influence. It teaches us the processes and the language of human mind and the effective communication techniques to use for our and others' benefits, influence and success. It is the study of how people do things, how we think and process information, behave and about using what works and discarding what does not. It involves step by step personal coaching, role play, discussions, analytical diagnostics, conclusion sessions & group presentations.

Benefits of Success Mastery Workshop:

  • Access to your peak performance
  • Clean up past negative experiences that are holding you back
  • Take charge of your motivation
  • Able to access your mind with maximum potential
  • An evidence based approach for coaches, leaders and individuals
  • In-Depth knowledge and understanding of human communication
  • With Success Mastery everyone can be naturally talented
  • Success Mastery is an approach to discover that by changing HOW you think, you can transform WHAT you think
  • Powerful techniques of persuasion and negotiation
  • Learn secret success of Top Achievers and much more
  • Change your habits and replace them with new ones.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT, is a science which seeks to clear emotional stress and anxieties. It is easy to learn and creates stress relief in seconds. EFT is clinically proven to lower stress, anxiety, tension, fears, depression and past negativity.

Benefits of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Workshop:

  • EFT would help you to get rid of stress, negative emotions, physical tension and cravings to create an overall ambience of relaxation and well-being
  • EFT training would also help you eliminate negative memories, fears and limitations to create health, happiness and confidence and to get onto the Practitioner track
Parenting - For those who want to have a great family

Being a parent is the most responsible job hence one should understand the importance of being a sensible parent. Our parenting workshop will help you be aware of how to talk so that Teens will Listen & listen so Teens will talk. Packed with expert advice, key strategies & examples of positive parenting, this program reveals the secrets of raising happy, confident & well-adjusted children.

Benefits of Parenting Workshop:

  • Understand Child's negative behavior and exam fear
  • Why your Child is unhappy or falling behind others in school?
  • Reason behind communication/Generation gap?
  • Drug, alcohol or relationship problem
Team Building

This workshop has a very experimental approach and participants are able to learn and understand their behaviors and develop compassionate communication within team. The workshop is well designed for corporate bodies, schools colleges and institutions. We offer inbound and outbound workshops as per requirements.

Leadership for youths: (4 Hours Workshop)

Today Teenagers are very talented and smart. If we are able to channelize their talent properly and give them a proper direction it can impact tremendous changes in their life. This workshop will support and guide them to be strong individuals with the right perspectives.

Benefits of Leadership workshop:

  • How to develop awareness and concentration
  • How to become a confident person
  • How to manage negative Thinking and change it into positive thinking
  • Which step will make you a role model
  • How to set goals and achieve them
  • 10 principles for successful life
  • Role play – bring out their leader
  • How to handle relationships issues
  • How to develop good habits
Practical Krishan Katha: (1 Day Workshop )

In this practical Krishna Katha session, Uday tells you about the lessons we should take from the life of Lord Krishna. He will focus on the purpose of the Lord during his Krishna Avatar with an emphasis on his role in the Mahabharat. And finally he explains the Bhagwad Geeta with respect to its importance, significance in today's modern era & how to inculcate it’s teachings in our day to day life.

It’s very useful program for all including families, youths, and people from different age groups.

Benefits of Practical Krishan Katha:

  • We can redefine our personality
  • Can develop value-based behavior
  • Control situations in life
  • Can develop good relationships in family
  • Live stress-free life
  • Achieve success in life


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